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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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cyclist is in critical condition. we have upcauths from the crews as soon as -- updates from the crews there as soon as it's available. the wake of another recent safety issues. maureen: to the deadly l'enfant smoke incident big names say more should be done to protect riders. brianne carter is live along the yellow line with the call for action. brianne: it was that fatal smoke incident that happened hereby near the l'enfant metro station on january 12. it had the f.d.a. conducting inspection of the safety operation. >> governor kaine is talking about the latest report examining the safety on metro. today senators spoke out after a briefing from the federal
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transit administration. >> we have had a failure of leadership and failure of execution on the very own safety protocols. >> reports come months after the smoke incident on a yellow line that killed one woman and sicked 80 people. i comes a week after ntsb report that showed metro failed to install protector field which may have helped prevent the smoke incident. they say one of the biggest concern from the report expected tomorrow is the lack of leadership. metro's general manager left the post six months ago. no one has been hired for the job. in fact potential candidates have withdrawn their name. senators say it's time for someone with a proven track record to come if and turn around the transportation agency. in a statement metro says they look forward to the findings adding they have made considerable progress strengthening the safety capabilities and will continue to cooperate with the f.d.a.
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what do the riders think? >> they are behind the scenes things we don't know. >> the most efficient way for me to get back and forth. >> i look forward to reading the report. >> so do lawmakers think metro is safe tonight? all of them replied yes. they do think it's safe. as for the funding, they said the worse thing they could do is cut funding to metro. now they are working to make sure they will continue with the promise to hold a fund metro through congress. brianne carter abc7 news. leon: thank you. fare increases on the way for riders but some hope that larry hogan will delay them. they could add up to 67% for the weekly ticket buyers. the higher fare are part of the broader rise that is required under the 2013 law raising the state gas tax. they say they went too for a to raise the fares. maureen: we are on the storm watch tonight. hot and humid weather could lead to pop-up storms this
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evening. abc7's meteorologist steve rudin lets us know what to plan for. steve: most of the thunderstorms are fizzling out. the impact will be limited. look at doppler radar from the belfort furniture weather center. we will head in closer around the capitol beltway. it's totally dry. they move off to the north and west, up to central lout lout county. we are looking at light showers at this time. you may feel a rumble or two of thunder but nothing to become severe. temperatures, hot out there. 94 degrees at reagan national airport. 89 at dulles. it feels like temperature is hotter than that. still feels like 100 degrees inside the capital beltway. 103 in fredericksburg. highs tomorrow nighttime lows will fall in 70's. more on the seven-day outlook coming up in a few minutes. maureen: thank you steve. east texas tonight, the tropical storm bill is moving across land at 9 miles per hour. it is weakening and is expected to drop below the
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tropical storm force. jonathan elias has conditions there now. jonathan: that won't help them. they will still get a lot of rain. that is the last thing they need. texas pounded by tropical storm bill. winds up to 60 miles per hour. worse is the rain and a lot of it. show you live pictures from galveston. they are kicking up and seeing a lot of rain. this was a scene. they got pounded by so much rahn they had fooding issues it wasn't just dangerous. it was deadly. they could see in some areas when the storm is done up to 12. is of rain. as a result of what they have already seen, they are not taking precautions. evacuations in some areas have been ordered. officials in texas are telling everyone listen don't take any chances. >> the main message is be careful. this is a rain event. there is no storm surge with it. this is not a hurricane. we don't have those winds. people need to be aware that places that flood before are
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likely to flood again. stay away from high water. if you don't have to go out don't. jonathan: there is a phrase that lawmakers tell folks in the area. turn around don't drown. what they mean is drivers trying to get across what they think are just small creeks aren't. their cars end up getting washed away. worse, they have to be rescued. the storm is tracking north. part of oklahoma bracing for nine inches of rain. they are bracing for major flooding. leon: thank you. developing now the only person charged in connection with the murder of a d.c. family and the housekeeper has a new lawyer. in court, a judge dismissed daron wint's court-appointed attorney. wint is now represented by sean hanover, attorney hired by wint's family. he is ready to defend the client against the evidence and against the national media coverage of the crime. >> he is encouraged about the case. he feels good that tice
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will be served in this matter. leon: he is charged with killing zavor savapoulos and is facing charges of death of his wife, their son and the housekeeper. wint will be back in counter in two weeks. the man that is charged with killing an ice cream truck driver says his client was stalked for months. the man was found while the children lined up for ice cream. he says brown had been stalking his client over $20 debt. they are investigating a motive. the witness says there was no argument between the two. lyles pointed gun and fired. kimberly: happening now a criminal investigation tied to a crash that left a child dead and a woman hurt. it took place in gaithersburg on i-370. an ambulance passing by saw a woman screaming outside a car that was on fire.
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inside authorities found a young boy who was dead. sources tell abc7 the wreck is suspicious. stay with abc7 and for updates. leon: this just in to the newsroom. toyota added nearly 1.4 million cars, trucks and s.u.v. to a recall list tied to air bags. the takata air bags can explode with too much force and send shrapnel in the air. more than 100 injuries have been attributed to the air bags. for the complete listing of the vehicles affected by the recall. check on the website maureen: next at 6:00 two cyber attacks later and now the personal information of 18 million people is out in the open. leon: tonight claims that they failed to secure the information for years. mike: i'm mike conneen. how a local group of residents is pushing for changes. maureen: "7 on your side" on your side in battle against
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colon cancer. doctors and survivors are standing by the abc7 phone bank to answer your questions. call 703-236-9220. until 6:30 tonight to talk to them about your concerns.
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when it comes to reducing yosh risk forco low --
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colorectal cancer and have a fighting chance is to get screened on a regular basis. we're joined by dr. cannon an oncologist. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. kellye: tell us about the screenings. what age do you need to have the screenings? how frequently? doctor: sure. for most people, screenings should start at age 50. there are other people at higher risk for instance those who have a family history ofco lone -- colon cancer and african-americans should be screened at 45. those with a family history should be screened at ten years before their family member was diagnosed. so for example if they have a family member diagnosed with colon cancer at 48, they should be screened at 38. kellye: all right. if you have any other questions about the colonoscopy call us at 703-236-9220. thank you so much. back to you. leon: let's get back to alexandria. we are watching a breaking situation there. motorcycle and a car collided
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near the intersection of quaker lane and dogwood drive. the motorcycle actually went up there the window of a nearby day care center and five children were hurt. they were sent to the hospital. the latest word we got they is minor injuries. the motorcyclist is in critical condition. right now the northbound lanes of quaker lane are closed. we will keep you posted on what happens there. investigators say they don't know how many federal employees are victims of a major computer hack. >> the one who represents the city attacked by 9/11, i consider there a far more serious one to the national security of our country. leon: the head of the office of personnel management testified at a house hearing this afternoon. hackers accessed personal information of at least 4 million current and former government employees. they may also have gotten ahold of information belonging to contractors and relatives of government workers. china is denying that it was behind the attack.
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maureen: next at 6:00 triple-a calls out a money-maker. the camera issues the most tickets in the county. stick, miserable, whatever you say. it's hot outside. steve's full forecast is next. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports, the redskins mini camp kicks off today. can lebron force a game seven? he will need help. the help he
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maureen: one speed cam in maryland issued more tickets than any other in montgomery county. according to triple-a it's the third busiest in the washington region. located along route 108. many drivers complain that area is oversaturated with speed cameras. now as mike conneen reports a task force of residents want some changes. >> in front of st. peters church one speed camera has been busy. the busiest in montgomery county. generating more than 27000 citations and $1.1 million in
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revenue. >> it can be annoying if you get the ticket in the mail. >> it's a money-grab. >> sometimes it goes over that. mike: a year ago they created a task force to look into this and other speed cameras. with 13 in this area members say it's a few too many. >> one out of every five citations that are issued in the county come from here. mike: in response, all of the speed camera locations are selected base on data, in some cases the citizen complaint that result in a traffic study. >> it's not until 12 miles over the speed limit when a camera is activated. mike: police point out this camera located near a church which houses a school. there is a hospital and several businesses nearby. drivers complain the speed limit here was once 40 miles per hour and then it dropped to 30 prior to the cameras set up. >> we have nerve asked a speed limit to be lowered in conjunction with the speed
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camera program. mike: now the task force is recommending section of corridor go back to 40 miles per hour. or 35. police maintain there is a speeding problem and the cameras make the community safer. the civic association meets next month to discuss the next steps. mike conneen, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, mike. hot day to be out getting a ticket on the speed camera or anything else. steve: the hottest day so far this year at reagan national airport. 96 degrees. we were talking in weather center. did it feel that hot? leon: i was outside. it felt hotter than that. kimberly: cold shower is what they need. steve: earlier in day it was 85. that is the average for this time of year. 99, the record set in 1994. i love hearing leon say that. 94 degrees right now at the reag national airport. winds out of the
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west/northwest at 16 miles per hour. the heat index is still at 100 degrees. dew point levels are finally beginning to fall. now at 68. once we get in upper 50's to the lower 60's it will feel better. look at cooler air. off north and west. 81 in cumberland. 79 at martinsburg. 84 in gaithersburg. heat index is the next part of the story. it still feels like 89 in gaithersburg. quantico feels like 100. 102 in fredericksburg. dew point in the 70's across the immediate metro. once they fall in the 60's the upper 50's, that is when it will feel nicer out here. that will come early tomorrow morning. the satellite and the radar, showers and thunderstorms in the early afternoon hours. most of those storms have fizzled out. the exception is central lout lout county where we have -- loudoun county where we have a cluster north of ashburn. it will drift east. i don't see much coming of this. nothing to keep the rest of
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the evening. it should be quiet. 65 to 73. winds out of the north at 5 to 10. we start the day off dry. wednesday morning. by wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening, the showers develop off to the west of us. somehower and period of rain that overthread the area. we could hear thunder. we will look for warmer temperatures and more humidity. back in lower 90's by next week. 86 degrees. enjoy it tomorrow. though it's warm out there not as hot as it has been for the past couple of days. upper 80's thursday. leon: allright. big night in the nba. robert: yeah. just waiting for the 60-point scoring for lebron.
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no one else will help? does he have two more 40 balls in him or will the warriors end it? we will talk nba finals and day one of mini camp. football as well. we were out in the heat while workouts were heating upment
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers.
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robert: day six on abc7. we are going back to cleveland for what could be lebron's last day of the season. it could also mean golden state's first title in 40 years. speaking of 40 does lebron have two 40-point games left in him? he is doing by himself. no delly or j.r. smith or iman shumpert. if they plan to survive someone else has to step up. the teammates have been non-existent. >> he is doing everything he can and playing great. we all need to try to help him out more. >> whatever storm comes our way throughout the game. >> i don't put too much more added pressure on them. go out and play the system. play what the coach prepares for you. you see what happens. robert: day one of a three-day mini camp. the team was out braving the
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heat and watching the players is it the groundwork for what fans hope is a respectable season. the improvement starts now. it started in o.t.a.'s. today jay gruden was asked about what improvement he has seen in his quarterback rgiii. this is what he said. >> every day he is doing something a little bit better. that is all we can ask. taking baby steps. we are all getting better together. you can see start to have the confidence in the pocket. going through the progresses. that is the thing. robert: baby steps. for nationals, game two against the rays tonight. right now there are several decomponentscomponents in the ball club. it's hurting the offense. they better be on the a-game. he gets a start and he is 2-2 with 3.71 e.r.a. usa soccer face nigeria tonight. if they win it they will take the group regardless of what
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happens between sweden and australia. all right. steve: finally we will break the heat and cooler temperatures toow. near average for this time of year. we will show you a few showers and thunderstorms well west of us. we may see a stray shower this evening. i don't think it will be anything to become severe. 80's mix for highs tomorrow. ten degrees cooler than today. 88 on thursday. same orn friday. chance for passing thunderstorms. remnant of tropical storm bill across the area for the upcoming weekend. just when we thought we were done with it it heads back in. kimberly: gosh. leon: all right. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is comin
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tonight, a massive tropical storm hits the coast, tens of millions in the path as it moves north and east next. streets and highways under water tonight, schools closed. the tornado sirens in chicago as this moves up to the midwest, indianapolis cleveland, pittsburgh across to new york. the deadly balcony collapse at least six dead falling four stories, many in the hospital. new questions about the construction was the wood treated. the former naacp still saying she is black. you'll hear her explanation right here. the major development in the hunt for the escaped killers, the discovery in the pipes and the prison worker's husband we asked what he makes of the allegations against his wife.


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